Our Services

Our Services

Technical SEO

Our Technical SEO services begin with a comprehensive performance analysis for factors that influence search ranking. We take into consideration both on-page and off-page factors. The analysis report includes, but certainly isn’t limited to, the following: 

Page element load order

Site map (for update if needed)

Site Navigation

Site load speed/performance

Quality of inbound links

Structured data highlights

Mobile Responsiveness

Images (title and alt tags + size)

Meta tags (title, description, etc.)

Website crawl errors

Linking structure (permalinks, organization, internal, + count)

Social Media integration

Marketing Solutions

We can compile an extensive list of business contacts within any given industry, ensuring you have the right info to contact decision makers and generate leads.

Detailed list of relevant business contacts:

  • Company Name     
  • Name & Job Title (At any level within the company!)
  • Email Address
  • Phone # 

CRM Tools

iMi’s marketing tools are a must-have for any modern business with an online presence. Our solutions consolidate all of your marketing and sales efforts into one central hub, to be analyzed, refined, or discarded.  Our tools incorporate powerful analytics, email capabilities, and a user-friendly interface.

Sales Intelligence

Give Salespeople critical information to help them close deals and push more leads through the pipeline.

Marketing Campaign Optimization

Conversion analytics show which campaigns are driving sales (not just driving leads)


Send personalized emails to an unlimited number of leads with automated triggers using dozens of beautiful, optimized templates.


Get smart, relevant data that helps you connect with potential clients.

PPC Managment

This is the fastest way to bring leads to your website. We offer Ad campaigns on Bing, Yahoo, Google, and social media networking channels.


iMi’s detailed pay-per-click anaylitics ensure a tightly controlled, highly effective campaign designed for maximum ROI.


High-quality, thematically relevant content is the number one factor influencing search engine rank today. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and excessive, junky link integration. Modern search engine algorithms are designed to reward content that remains relevant to its intended subject matter and audience. We offer a number of tools and services to ensure your web content stays on top!


iMi’s proprietary platform, SEMLogic®, analyzes the top 20 sites for any given keyword search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or AOL. This tool will conduct a highly detailed statistical analysis to determine factors deemed favorable toward search rank. It’s unique data-driven methodology means changes to search algorithms will not reduce its efficacy.

Web Content Broker

Web Content Broker is an iMi content service that utilizes the power of SEMLogic®. We have over 20,000 writers available at any point to provide quality, optimized content on any given subject. Let us do the SEO work for you with “Writing that Ranks’.


Webpage Content

Articles / News

Web Design & Development

iMi offers comprehensive web development services, which utilize modern design trends and practices to ensure an exceptional user experience. An inviting online presence helps drive traffic and represents a mainstay of contemporary SEO. We will update your existing website for performance, design, and UX, or if your business currently doesn’t have a website, we will build a beautiful, responsive, and SEO-friendly site from scratch.

We Design Sites For

SEMLogic Calculations per Report
Business Contacts per Industry
Google Algorithm Changes per Year
Available Content Writers

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We also offer digital advertisement management through our iMi Metric’s ad service. Visit for more information or speak with an iMi representative.