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Social SEO – Something 2012 Taught Us

July 6, 2012 Joseph George 1 Comment

Social-SEO-2012-imiassociatesTime always flies by, and 2012 is almost over. It seems as though we just decided our New Year’s resolutions, and now it’s already time to make another set of them.

It was a happening year when it comes to SEO. Series of Panda and Penguin updates rolled in and changed the concept of SEO altogether. The spam black hat techniques are not going to give results any more, as Social SEO is going to take over the organic ranking algorithm.

This does not mean that traditional SEO is going to die; however, the way it works is certainly going to change. Self-made easy links are not going to help anymore, and to build trust, webmasters will have to promote their websites through social media.

Forbes published an article recently on how to take advantages of Social SEO, and this is not the only story on this topic published this year. Search Engine Land published one story on social search revolution early this year, and there was a blog post by SEOMoz in November.

If you summarize each of these articles, the observations would be something like this:

  1. Traditional SEO still exist, but the boundaries have had great expansion.
  2. To build trust, you needed both back links and social shares.
  3. It is not enough to just have content- it has to be great content. There is no alternative.
  4. Text, Image and Videos – All forms of content are important and can be shared on social media.
  5. Newer and smaller companies can still rank in the first page by working on their social presence.
  6. Google Plus is coming up as a very useful platform.
  7. Even social networking sites like Pinterest cannot be ignored.
  8. If there is any social network that is built for your niche, you should have a strong presence there. (See this list of social networking websites for suggestions.)
  9. Connect your social profiles to your website.
  10. Be consistent with your social activities.
  11. Remember, building a strong online social presence will take time.

Organic results can still bring you the cheapest leads, and ignoring organic SEO is not a wise idea. Just leverage the power of social presence with it and enjoy long term benefits. Therefore, being social should be there in your New Year’s resolutions if you are an SEO person!

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