Raleigh SEO Service Provider: Four basic SEO Tips

November 25, 2013 Joseph George 0 Comments

Web Site Visibility

Your online content becomes much more visible when you incorporate iMi Associates ‘ SEO services into it. In fact, by partnering with one of the leading Raleigh SEO service providers, you can rest assured that your online marketing content will reach its full potential. Search engine optimization, most commonly referred to as SEO, will help search engine robots determine the credibility of your content as well as how useful it will be to users. Keeping this in mind, you must strive to create content that exemplifies search engine optimization tips in a truly unique and effective manner.

SEO Service industries are evolving every day, more than 200 factors are helping search engine ranking, though four basic things are still important.

Use Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are those that consist of three or more words. If possible, these types of keywords should be included within any content that is posted on a site, blog or social media profile. Long tail keywords are extremely effective at helping your company stay ahead of their rivals, especially in industries that provide high amounts of competitiveness such as the automobile industry. Also, these types of keywords help direct more relevant traffic to a site, meaning it is more probable that a transaction will occur.

Use Secondary Keywords

Using secondary keywords is oftentimes referred to as implementing latent semantic indexing (LSI) tactics. These types of keywords are excellent at helping you to elevate your company site’s rankings. It is important not to confuse secondary keywords with primary words, for without primary keywords, you will not receive high rankings to begin with. Secondary keywords also help your site, blog or social media profile to not come across as spam; this is mostly because you won’t be repetitively using the same old keywords. Or else, you will be using relevant secondary keywords. A striking example of secondary keywords that would be utilized by a shoe store include sandals and boots.

Understand the Importance of a Great Title

A good content may be good at hooking an Internet reader into reading your content, but a great title will grasp the attention of your reader. When it comes to creating an outstanding title, keep it to a maximum of 70 characters. Also, keep it simple and blatantly to the point. If your blog or website has more than one page, each page will need its own title. If possible, you should include a primary keyword in each of your titles.

Tag Your Images

If your website, blog or social media content includes images, which it most definitely should, you need to tag all of your images. These tags should include both primary and secondary keywords. Better yet, if possible, try to include longtail keyword phrases as your images’ tags. By tagging your images, you will make your content easy to find through image-based searches.

There is a good chance that many of the SEO tips and services mentioned above went straight over your head. Search engine optimization tips can be extremely confusing to understand, much less to implement. Keeping this in mind, it is pertinent that you hire an experienced and professional iMi Raleigh SEO service provider. Call iMi Associates for more information at 919-900-8130.

Local Internet Marketing

April 15, 2013 Joseph George 0 Comments

Internet Marketing

Local Internet marketing can be useful for any type of business. Since consumers are no longer using phone books to find local businesses selling the products or services they are seeking, they are now using the Internet to find these businesses instead. If your business does not have an online presence, it will be impossible to gain the attention of these consumers and let them know that your business exists.
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Mobile and Tablet Optimization

April 2, 2013 Joseph George 0 Comments

Mobile and tablet optimization

Why optimize your website for mobile devices or tablets? The answer is because you love your digital presence and want it to succeed, even if that means acknowledging your standard site can’t truly engage its mobile visitors. At base, the fundamental purpose of any site is to communicate effectively with all its visitors. Yet, even a well-designed standard website can lose or distort its essential components when viewed on a mobile device. Layout, media and (perhaps most importantly) action buttons are common victims.
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Google Internet Glasses

February 20, 2013 Joseph George 0 Comments

It’s been almost  a year back  since I started to follow “Google glasses” page in Google plus.  I have been  actively following the developments since then.

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An open letter

December 18, 2012 Joseph George 0 Comments

My response to Paul Boag – An open letter, sort of..

I was reading the article by Paul Boag on Smashing Magazine. It’s definitely a great article; observations and solutions are quite appreciable (though not something no one knew), but the way Paul has portrayed the SEO industry is not accurate 100%.

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Social SEO – Something 2012 Taught Us

July 6, 2012 Joseph George 1 Comment

Social-SEO-2012-imiassociatesTime always flies by, and 2012 is almost over. It seems as though we just decided our New Year’s resolutions, and now it’s already time to make another set of them.

It was a happening year when it comes to SEO. Series of Panda and Penguin updates rolled in and changed the concept of SEO altogether. The spam black hat techniques are not going to give results any more, as Social SEO is going to take over the organic ranking algorithm.
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Merry Christmas

December 23, 2011 Alex Choi 0 Comments

iMi Associates wishes you a very merry (and optimized) Christmas to you and your family!

We are very thankful for all of our clients and for the hard work our internet marketing team has put in this entire year. We have gone through a lot of internal changes and we are looking forward to the new year.

See you in 2012!

Facebook Facts [Infographic]

December 15, 2011 Mike Hall 0 Comments

I did a little digging in the archives to come up with an interesting infographic from Mashable.com about Facebook facts and its usage. This image and the stats quoted on it are from 2009, so the numbers quoted would be higher now. What astounds me is how local businesses have taken to using Facebook.

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3 Gifts Small Business Owners Should Give Themselves For Christmas

December 12, 2011 Mike Hall 0 Comments

Most small business owners I have ever met are very generous people. They are good to their employees and that goodness manifests itself particularly at Christmas. It is rare for small business employees not to get something from their employers even if its only a modest gift card or a ham.

In demonstrating their kindness to their employees, however, some small business owners fail to give something to themselves. This may sound a little selfish but there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving yourself a gift especially if that gift will greatly improve the future of your business. So in the spirit of giving I propose that there are three really crucial gifts that every small business owner should give themselves if they haven’t done so already.

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